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South Korea
SimCity Video Shows the New Engine at Work

It's some mind-bogglingly complex stuff, especially when you think about how it scales up to a city with tens of thousands of occupants all running amok at once. – GameSpy.com

South Korea
The Radical Transparency of SimCity

Rather than animations or objects representing a traffic-jam, they're produced dynamically by masses of Sims who actually travel to and from work. When a factory produces something in game, you can see it chugging away producing objects that will then be transported to stores and homes. Other simulation games fake these effects, but SimCity actually does them. – 1UP.com

South Korea
SimCity’s Heavy Traffic

Hello SimCity Insiders! I’m Guillaume Pierre, Lead Gameplay Scripter on SimCity. Today, I’m going to talk about emergent traffic.

South Korea
How I Mayor: Slick Oil City
United Kingdom

Good day to you, people of the world! My name is Ross and I’m a balance designer here at Maxis. If you will allow it, I would like to share with you how I mayor. I will do so by building a city that is all about oil.