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Pre-order now and get the SimCity Heroes and Villains set, only available in the Limited Edition. The Heroes and Villains set changes your gameplay by enabling you to create organized crime in your city and to upgrade your police squad to a superhero! Unlock a criminal mastermind by placing Dr. Vu's Evil Lair in your city. Get rich with high tech development, but then deal with the chaos that Dr. Vu's henchmen create in your city. Defend your city by unlock a supreme superhero. Place Maxis Man's Super Hero HQ and he will fight crime and protect your city. Available March 5, 2013. Pre-order now and guarantee your copy of the Limited Edition with bonus content, SimCity Heroes and Villains set, at no extra cost
United States
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WOW, I cannot wait...its driving me nuts!

haha...same here! do you have applied for the new closed beta?

Thank you very much for a very useful article. Best of luck always to the author.
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I cannot wait as well!

Looks like a tribute to City of Heroes will be easier than I thought! Now I just need to find mayors for my Paragon City region. Who wants to build Steel Canyon, Galaxy City, or Atlas Park?!

Thats a fun idea, Id take Atlas Park :P

Galaxy City sounds fun

I can't wait!

does this game will work on my mac pro 2010 series ?

does this game will work on my mac pro 2010 series ?

Why is so expensive? I wish they made a cheaper version, on Origin the cheapest one is $60! They should make it cheaper, I really want this game, but I can't afford that.


Then get a job. $60 is not that much.

Go online game Iv got mines for £42 2nd version.

You could always whore yourself out to 6 women for 10 bucks a piece or 12 ugly women for 5 bucks a piece

You have that in reverse, ugly women would pay more.

yeah, me too! i'm not rich either!

I really hope I can get into the Beta 2!

i CAN'T WAIT !!!!

i CAN'T WAIT !!!!


The anticipation is murdering me.

This game will be my best ever played game. Its really awesome and I can't wait for it!

I'm so done with Cities xl 2012 .....Cant wait to play a real city sim !!!!!!

So I pre ordered and didn't get a beta code and I can't find the app to sign up for it what's wrong

I've pre-ordered

Here is the beta?

Beta codes will be distributed the day of the beta. Beta starts @ 6am on Saturday for West Coast and goes till Sunday 6am. Don't know where you live. See you there!

Forced to get a heroes pack if all you care about is base game. I would have much rather liked the Limited Edition to have additional transportation, parks, etc. Oh well. I should hope there will be expansion packs with this game such as extreme weather or more complex transportation systems. The MUNI in San Francisco is a good model.

Yea may be a little expensive, but as often as they come out with one and as much stuff as they are putting in, I'd say it's worth it!!! Just think of it like this, don't go out to lunch or dinner 3 or 4 times!!!!

Have they invented Time Travel yet?

When is gameplay strategy video 3 coming out, it would be useful before the beta.

can there be more disasters

Will there be a driving mode like in sim city 4? if no please add it because it would really suck if you removed it! :(

So anxious!!!

So anxious!!!

Looking forward to March 5

When the game comes out who wants to join me in my region! I pre-order the SimCity™ Digital Deluxe Edition and im going to be playing it the day it comes out... :)

And freind me my name on Origin is ragrove

I pre-ordered it.THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!Although I would like anouther stradigy video,please!!!

O man this looks EPIC

if i buy this,should this working on normal or just a patch for simcity ? reply me plsss

I really like the SimCity Heroes and Villains games i enjoyed by playing and experiencing the graphics is awesome....

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