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The game is shaping up quite well, kudos to the Devs. I'm enjoying the graphical aspect, I don't really mind it, as long as it retains the core values that made Simcity 4 awesome, and brings the addictiveness of simcity 2000. As for the game being on Origin, well, we all know how the consumer feels about this. Anyways once again good job everyone, everyone is greatly anticipating this, and there's quite some time to get this game near perfect by February!!! (Offline single player is obvious) I may support this game even though I dislike EA for the appraisal of Day 1 DLC... (Don't want people to pirate your games maxis? Don't be consumed by EA's greed and enough with punishing those who will be purchasing your product with restrictive DRM)

Don't listen to the haters, developers. You have millions of fans eagerly anticipating this game. This game looks legitimately wonderful: exactly the gem we've been waiting for for nearly ten years now! I am thoroughly excited for February... it can't come soon enough. I have faith that you guys, many being older SimCity developers and die-hard fans of the franchise yourselves, will put your not only your blood and sweat but your heart and soul into making this game absolutely perfect. Keep up the great work!

It's really interesting to me how the plots are not the same size or exactly the same shape, just like in the real world. I wonder how the game or player determines the shape of the lots. It also seems like the roads are a lot more important than in previous versions going all the way back to the first, in which tiles were the basic building block, and roads were just a functional type of block. This would seem to align with what Kip said about density being determined by the transportation around the zones (somewhat unlike real life--if anything SimCity zoning has always been more simple than real-world zoning). It would be amazing if buildings could develop without roads serving them (for example, connected by a pedestrian mall), but that doesn't look hopeful. The last time zones could develop in the franchise without road access was in the original, with rail.

My initial impression was that the buildings have a lot of space between them, but that makes sense, because if the plots are very irregular and all slightly different, then the buildings need a little extra space between them to keep them from overlapping or clipping. I think this is actually pretty realistic as well. Most buildings in the real world aren't all that close together, when you really look at them.

The size of the cities seem smaller, but it's a bit hard to tell since the borders aren't all that clear, which I guess is kind of the point. That's probably fine. I think the last time I completely used all of the space in a large size city was SC2000.

Wonderful! Really looking forward to play it myself!

All you whiny little kids should not play this game so the real gamers can play it. Graphics are good enough.

agreed the graphics are good

also did a lot of research into the whole Multiplayer issue an found out a couple of things it may not be an origin exclusive (very good news)

second thing is if you go offline why the game is running it wont stop your game play

Third also found out that my main bug bear with the whole game the multiplayer not having a single is actually is wrong which im very happy about its going to be a fusion-ed thing if you want to play on your own you can in a private Region but if you want to just enjoy (singleplayer)

warning the interviewer isn't great but loads of info

Source of most of my information

oh oops nearly forgot this to this is my source of being not an orgin exclusive
"Good news: If you want to download SimCity somewhere other than Origin, you'll have the option to do so. An EA representative confirmed with Joystiq that the title would be available for purchase on other digital distribution platforms, though a list of stores has yet to be finalized. SimCity is arriving sometime in 2013."

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After reading all of the above posts I also agree and didn't really expect the game to be aesthetically pleasing because we all know in the previous simcities it caused too much lag that it became unplayable at times. To be honest we should all be really excited that they've finally decided to remake this awesome game because I for 1 have been waiting so long for this...

The graphics are good and will probably get better. I hope Maxis welcomes amateur modders to contribute to the game; that way they can release with very good graphics and models and let the community try to remedy whatever defects they perceive.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! it looks like there gonna have real looking textured 3D grass!!!, not that horrible flat green most of the games usually have to pose as vegitation that looks unrealistic and awful

Agreed, If the graphics stay like they are in the previews I will have to pass.

Personally a long time player of Sim City games, but I simply cant play games at my age that are made for 12 year olds.

Its the same damn thing they did in Supreme commander 2. They dumbed it down and gave it a more "friendly" look to it.

Sick and tired of gaming companies doing this... dare I mention W.O.W ? :)

I actually like the graphics. Less stressful on your system, but still just as pretty. And coming from Sim City 1 on the super nintendo, I can say they picked a good medium to go with without going overboard on graphics. Sometimes cartoony and simple is better than 400 different snowfall particles all with their own animation. Sometimes overdoing the realism hurts the eyes.

Based on what they did with the sims 3 I can bet this game will be just as deep, but at the same time, simple enough to not need to ready an 80 page manual to have fun with it. And since alot of games forget about that "fun" aspect in exchange for making things pretty, we end up with titles you play for a few weeks then forget you even have it in your library.

I'm looking forward

What would be really cool is to see your city evolve in time: eventually gaining access to the most modern buildings and tech available.

Adding goals would be nice too.

And make it hard to make money, bc usually you can start zoning like going out of style.
What would make sense to me is have your "agents" determine how desirable is a zone and based on that, increase the cose of zoning, how it works in life. Maybe citizens also wxould need to have a budget? Determininbg where they can leave. This way we are obligated to zone in specific areas, like far from the center.

I and many friends STILL play Sim City 4. Sim City is a solitary game, NOT a Facebook game. I do not understand the fascination that companies like EA and others REQUIRE we be connected to the Internet at all times, and as it appears here, SHARE OUR GAME WORLDS with others. If that's the case and others cities have consequences on my city builds, this game is a non-starter for me and many others. I don't want to talk to anyone and everyone every time I log in to play. Not the style of the Sim City player. And I certaintly don't want to play a cute version of Civilization. Because forcing us to consider the actions of neighbors is just Civ in another flavor. Don't mess with success.

What I most value in SM4 is about thinking big, but starting small..and get far someday.
I learned so much..and I still apply many thoughts in my daily life.

Don't think graphics is the most important part, just a way to choose the quality, as it was in before. I'd rather prefer a more complex environment with every kind of issue and not the american style only, nothing against's just because there are other realities too.

I love SimCity, and I'm sure that if this game bombs it will be because EA decided to make it a origin exclusive. I was about to pre-order... But origin. I wont be getting it if origin is required. Other than that, the game is amazeing and am really looking forward to the game. Heck a beta? ;3

Correction, if it's an origin exclusive.

I am really looking forward to the next installment of Sim City. I've been playing these games for years.

I will say I hope they expand the options with different sports complexes. I would like to see you have the option to build a retro - baseball stadium and an ultra modern, retractable dome stadium. Multi-purpose stadiums would also be a welcomed addition. Also, I hope to see actual options for football stadiums, basketball areas, and not just the option for baseball and / or soccer stadiums. In my opinion I think it would make the game more realistic. Especially if they put in themes where teams threaten to move if you don't improve the stadium after a certain period of time, or if the population of your city drops beyond a certain point. Just some thoughts I had. I hope to see them in the new version. What do you all think?

I need great graphics

Now I don't know if EA is teasing us with these bad graphics right now and then releasing amazing graphics when it comes out but I am a huge sim city fan. Sim city 2000 was my favorite game, then they cam out with sim copter and that was linked into the game. Now some of the screen shots of the new game don't look much better than in simCopted back in 97'.

It's 2012 now. Come on developers there is no reason why this game should not look like the concept art shown here.

It would not bog down the game if programmed right and origin is a bad choice to be the only way to buy the game.

I understand that buisness people are involved but although glass box is a cool engine and sim city has always been about the game play but glass box might be holding back the quality of graphics I want to see. If the actual game play is going to be like the cover art they show I would not mind paying the $75 bucks ....

but if it's going to be looking like the sim city delux on the iPad app and be totally simulation based and not high quality graphics I don't think it's going to still be my fav game.

I will buy it regardless cause I'm a big fan of sim city but I think they know people will buy it, and

they are aware of that and I just hope there are not going to be a lot of disappointed fans.

I like the idea that it is on the PC, because it is more powerful than a console game...

but It looks more like the game "The Sims" (which is a girls game) and less the quality of like a Battlefield 3.

It would be so awesome if it had the high quality graphics of Battlefield 3 and was just a city building and construction of buildings game with no functionality at all (although I do think the inter workings they have are very cool. I would play it over and over again until another 10 years.

There has never been a GTA type city building game, and that's what I am hoping to see in the future.

In fact here is a video of that exactly that.

It would be cool if they could include drivable cars, ships, and planes like what was in the previous simcity 4. You could use them for trade and do missions such as flying passengers to other regions or for delivering cargo from ships and planes which could give your city a lot of money and rewards.

I was reading an article from The Escapist website here:

And I found a section that concerns me greatly as both a lover of SimCity and as a professional Urban Planner (and yes, the SimCity 3000 inspired me to go into my chosen field).

"Even so, some things have been streamlined to make the game more accessible. There aren't, for instance, separate zones for high, medium and low density this time around. No, in the new SimCity, the density of a zone will be determined instead by the size of the road you put next to it. Build a residential area next to a simple two lane street and you'll get modest suburban homes. Build that same residential area next to a highway and you'll get massive apartment buildings."

Is this true Maxis? Will high density zoning only develop next to highways?! What about other viable (and more efficient) modes of transportation, such as light rapid transit, bus rapid transit, high-speed rail, etc. Will these cause nearby zones to develop to medium and high densities also? What about bike-only streets? Pedestrian-only streets?

I look forward to your reply.


Concerned SimCityPlanner

I saw something at 1:03 that looked like a trolley. I hope mine eyes have not deceived me! I really hope to see a lot of mass transportation options in the new Simcity....of course I'm sure they will include the old standbys such as buses. I've already seen trains on the video....We also hope to see light rail, subways, sub to rail, and monorail choices. It would be really neet to see trams too. I hope landmarks are coming back as well. I miss hydroelectric dams too. Please also include greener choices as, wind, fusion, etc. I've been playing Simcity since the original version came out when I was 17! I would love to see ordinances that have people carpooling in little vans or something....maybe even add a high occupancy lane on freeways? That might be asking too much. I also hope to see different city sets like in other versions.....I've already seen historic elements of North American architecture in the videos and photos...would also love to see sets that focus on European architecture, Asian inspired architecture, etc like that which has existed before.

Portland Oregon Aerial Tram

I'm glad everything isn't stupid plopping, just like Simcity Societies (Destinations) was total plopping. I like seeing the construction of my buildings!

im liking the game so far, just hope graphics aren't cartoonish. Also, why is it not also coming out for mac?!?! mac users want to play simcity too you know

I love it! I haven't played SimCity in a really long time and I just can't wait to play it! I love this it's so great :)

The graphics look ominously like those in The Sims 3: rounded and cartoony. Children are not the only ones who care about graphics.

Cant wait, loved Simcity, 2000, 3000, 4, Not really Simcity Social. This game looks good so far. Hopefully they don't let us down.

I have to admit after seeing this video I was really impressed and couldn't wait, but now after seeing the real game play and look of the game I am a little disappointed. The announcement trailer is what I want the next big SimCity title to look like that this cartoon, child's play thing. The colors and textures are all wrong in the game. Looks like SimCity Social and that game sucked.

Where do i go to play the sims besides facebook and twitter? i thouth if i typed in i would be sent to a download site....

I just can't wait for SimCity to come out! Graphics are fine as is but I'm sure they're gonna come out great! Graphics is an important part of every game these days but you don't necessarily need super-realistic graphics, a unique style is important too and Maxis has their own style. I'm sure they intent to keep it that way for SimCity and graphics is far from being the most important aspect of a simulation game in my opinion. As long as it looks good... and it does.

why is the Deluxe one not buy able in DVD form?

Needs more bike lanes & commuting cyclists!

You have any idea how many objects have to move on the screen? Each polygon each detail they currently have. Would require almost super computer to process that plus what glassbox looks like it can handle. I think there style choice is fine its Maxis's choice in style like borderlands with there cell shading. If you want a High detailed game but crappy gameplay go Play Cities XL.

I remember the first SimCity (original). Internet wasn't existing! (lol). There were interesting changes up to SimCity 2000 and... after that creativity finished. Maybe Maxis considered there was not anything more to improve. Now the SimCity re-appears, but the graphics have almost the same appearance of SimCity lastest versions.

Based in this trailer, I don't like it. I think this new SimCity is basically a compatible version to new operacional systems (Win, Mac), nothing more. Did you see the "dragon" witch (still) appears? I didnt believe in that one!

A little to childish?

Is Sim City 5 compatible with Mac, and if so is it compatible with AMD Radeon HD

If this is the first time you have played Sim City or a big fan of the Sims or Sim Societies or whatever then its great for you. This game is a little childish IMO (but i have been playing Maxis games since Sim City 3000 came out) and this isn't really a game for the original game players as promised. It's more like a Sim Societies 2 minus some of the kidish effects and a few other things. Not saying its going to be a bad game but disappointment to those who really have the desire to create a "REAL CITY"

How about being able to set tollway fares..or subway fares...bus fares...etc? That would be awesome and a great way to manage traffic

wat the i trashia its zoey

I wated for years for a good sim city game to come out becouse SimCity Societies was not made by Maxis so it made it a bad game.

Game looks lame compared to Anno 2070. The Anno series is leaps and bounds better than Sim City.

There is only one thing I hope for is to bring back flooding and hurracanes like in sim city 2000.

What about MAC?!?!?!

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Don't be absurd, do you enjoy a 16 pixel game??? It's sure that the graphics IN THIS GAME are for children. As I seen in this trailer, you can move buildings. That is woa... Sure that the disasters are a fundamental part of the game, it makes things fun. I consider when is totally available, I BUY THIS GAME, but just if you fix that. It looks like SimCity Social!!!

Good thing about Cities XL was that once the zones (low, medium or heavy) are created the city populates and constructs buildings itself as people move in and those buildings evolve (including designs) as the services/facilities offered to the residents increases; as the education level increases, or building/houses reflect the general level of happiness, wealth, satisfaction through its outlook.

This created excitement and curiosity that drove the gamer to constantly deal with the challenges to ultimately create a utopia..always pushing how that new building would look if situation/environment/economics changed...

Earlier SimCity games were great at driving this excitement and compelled the gamer to spend hours.....

I personal like the childish graphics it makes it seem not to serious but really fun a the same time.




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