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It feels like more than a week ago that we headed south to Los Angeles for E3. It was a videogame cornucopia full of long days in the LA Convention Center, tons of people everywhere (45,700 to be exact) and back-to-back demos. Don’t feel too bad for us, it was, in all seriousness, pure fun. We got to show off SimCity and while we wish we had time to walk the conference floors and see all the games that were there, we were dedicated to bringing SimCity to you and all of the attendees that queued in line to see us! Yes, it was a humbling moment, but one that also made us proud. To catch up on the daily updates we gave last week, check here (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Last week was awesome for the team here. We revealed two major components of the game – it was hard for us to keep them secret. Our biggest reveal was the big feature that everyone has been asking about, multiplayer. We had been talking about multiplayer since we first announced the game in March and E3 was the first time that we showed the world what it’s like to play SimCity with their friends. Working together to build an international airport, one of the Great Works available in the game, our three cities showed how multiplayer unlocks a brand new world of possibilities. Players are now able to share resources, workers and more as they collaborate to achieve mutual benefits. The international airport is just one of the many Great Works that you will be able to build in SimCity. Did we mention that Arcologies are back? Want to learn more? You’ll just have to stay tuned over the next couple of weeks!

For those of you that watched our EA Press Conference, you saw the first in-game screens and trailer and you found out about SimCity Social for Facebook. Previously, we had shown you concept art that detailed the direction we were going. Now, you see the tilt shift in action and how it helps us achieve a model like 3D world that you can reach out and touch. For many of the show goers it was their first time taking a look at our amazing GlassBox engine. We’re Maxis and simulations are our super power. This is the engine that allows us to create a simulation with great integrity – for the first time the art serves the simulation. Everything you see, we sim. There will be more screens released in the months to come. What did you think of the ones we released so far? Are you as in love with the cities as we are? Next week, Ocean Quigley, the creative director, will be going more in-depth on the stylized look of the game. He’ll give you insight into the decisions the team made, how we landed on the tilt shift-inspired art style, and share with you the reference videos that inspired the team. Check back next Tuesday to learn all about the inspiration behind our brand new art style.

Thanks to everyone for following us on our blog, our Twitter and on Facebook. We’re making this game because of you and we love sharing our success with you, the fans. We won some great awards – 24 nominations and eight wins! It was a great E3 for us and we’re happy to be home. We’re back from LA – catching up on sleep – and hitting the ground running for the next big thing to come. SimCity comes out for the PC in February 2013, stay tuned for even more exciting info!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 05:00
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Love the gfx and tilt shift effect, but might i suggest toning down the effect the more you zoom in, otherwise it seems to really restrict the view. At the very least, adjust the shape of focus, perhaps more so on the bottom of the screen?

Looking for more of the inside look dev videos!!

What I ment was that I hope the tree didn't disappear because of the watertower pumped out the groundwater.
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Please can we have an offline sandbox mode...

they said maybe 1000 times

I cannot implement this "The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features"

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I've read that it is possible to play alone without needing to play in multiplayer, but the region and multi-city play is still available. I don't know if they will allow you to play offline... But I don't think you need to even if you're playing solo.

I just can't wait for the game!
awesome guys.. you guys @ maxis are doing the greatest thing ever!!
Just see.. the way the game seems to me by the trailer.. if it really turns out that way.. I surely am writing on the blog of the 'Best game of 2013'

and if just a demo preview can win you loads of awards... I can only Imagine what Simcity will win when it actually releases!!!!

God.. save the maxis team from not becoming crazy by getting sooo many awards!!!

Huh! the spel check states Simcity is spelled wrong and gives a red line!!!!
Duh!!! this IS a Simcity blog!!!!!

Congrats guys. You guys are very good at what you do. I have a great idea though. I have, for such a long time, wanted to go to E3. But instead of vicariously enjoying your enjoyment you should take me next year. Pretty please :-) -(with sprinkles)-

Very awesome game, Don't change a thing about it. I can't wait for March '13 I will lose a ton of sleep just playing the heck out of this amazing Sim. SO glad Arco's are back. I sorely missed them in SC4. BTW, is there gonna be a way to Walk or drive around the city I made ? That would be really nice, kind of a throw back to Streets of Sim City, also a Sim Copter thing would be awesome, but IN game, That might be asking for much, but I can see myself buying a DLC pack for that capability. As for The facebook sim city, I hope to GOD that you don't lock parts of the city out w/o making us pay for expansions, My Town 2 is just a HUGE pain for doing that. also any Ville game on FB. Another thing, is there gonna be Energy to buy like in The Sims FB game?? The whole energy thing just made me stop playing that game. SC FB would be my only FB game I'd like if you didn't have stupid money draining things in it.. I can't wait for the Full Game SC to release, I per-ordered two seconds after the game went on the store..

Love those SimCity T-Shirts! :D

Two things:
1. People at E3 saw how multiplayer works. Where can we see?

2. Please take a look at the foruns. EA is treating them like we treat Societies: we never go there.

I have to say, I can't wait until this game comes out!!!, I'm a big fan of Sim City, and I've been playing Sim City ever since the first game came out, and If I remember we had to install it from a 3.5 floppy disk. Anyways, I'm really happy that you guys are making this happend. I Can't wait until this game comes out, and I know I'm not going to sleep once I have this game on my hand.

Thank you Guys, and keep up the good job!!!

Multiplayer...great option! Now provide a fully-functional offline single-player please!

i wish i was there....

You better provide an offline mode or you will piss off a lot of people.

And a few things...

1) I sure as hell hope we can ZOOM OUT a fair distance and see our city from a wide view.

2) I HOPE the look of the game doesn't end up looking too much like Cities XL or Sim City Societies -- with super wide streets, lots of separation between buildings. We LIKE the look of previous versions of Sim City, where the city was fairly compact and space wasn't wasted.

3) Take a look at an old game called "A Train", it's from around 1990 or so. That game looks better than Cities XL! Take a cue from it.

You guys rock. Game is looking great so far. Two things I would ask for clarification on though;

1) The graphics are looking superb, but it seems like there is some more optimization to be done and some more fine tuning. It's still a little rough around the edges when compared to other similar games. I have the utmost of faith in you guys to give us a fantastic finished product.

2) Is it really true about the always online requirement? You guys have made it clear what you're hoping to accomplish by linking cities together and so forth, but one need only to look at the fan reaction to Diablo 3 to see why online-only for a game that some players prefer to play alone is not the best idea. Diablo 3 sold many many copies because of the name and company behind it, but a lot of people have lost faith in the franchise after some of the greedy decisions (real money auction house) made by the people behind the scenes over there. Once again, I have the utmost of faith that the team at Maxis will listen to the fans and make the right decisions so as to keep your name clean and untarnished.

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2. Please take a look at the foruns. EA is treating them like we treat Societies: we never go there. houston anniversary hummer

2. Please take a look at the foruns. EA is treating them like we treat Societies: we never go there. asus gaming laptops

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