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Update for all our Apple Mayors -- SimCity for the Mac is releasing this spring and pre-orders will be available soon. For more information, please read our official FAQ below.

Q: When will the Mac version be available?
A: SimCity for Mac will be available in Spring 2013.

Q: Why is the Mac port launching later?
A: This isn’t a Mac port, but a full native version that runs on the Mac OS. Because of this, we want to take the time to ensure that Mac fans will get a version worthy of their platform.

Q: How will users purchase the Mac version?
A: You will be able to pre-order SimCity for Mac soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Q: Will the Mac version be available at retail?
A: The Mac version will only be available as a digital download.

Q: Will the Digital Deluxe version be available for Mac?
A: Yes. You will be able to purchase the standard, Limited Edition and Digital Deluxe versions for Mac.

Q: Does SimCity support cross-platform play between PC and Mac users?
A: Yes. Everyone is playing together on the same servers. That means PC and Mac users will be building the world of tomorrow, together.

Q: Will PC and Mac users be able to play with one another?
A: Yes!

Q: Will Mac players be part of the same SimCity World as PC players, or will they be separated?
A: Yes, Mac players and PC players will be part of the same world.

Q: What system specs are you targeting with the Mac version?
A: Like the PC version, we are aiming to make the game as accessible as possible. Any user with Lion 10.7.5 and above will be able to enjoy SimCity for Mac. Read detailed system requirements here.

Q: Will the Mac version have any advantages or additions over the PC version?
A: The Mac version will have the same features as the PC version.

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Does this mean that if I have both a PC desktop and a Mac laptop, I would have to purchase 2 copies of the game if I want to play on both system?

For games that I downloaded with Steam like Civilization 5, one purchase of the game lets me play at home and on the go.

Origin is oddly enough supposed to be going into mac beta in February.

I hope if I pre order a mac copy I can also get a PC version, and vica versa.

To help provide clarity for the "do I have to buy both OSX and Windows versions?": is a link to a Maxis Dev that states pre-ordering FROM ORIGIN will provide access to both OSX and Windows versions. is a link to an Origin Dev that states a similar goal.

However, as the release date isn't upon us, policies could change. But as it looks now pre-ordering from Origin will entitle you to both OSX and Windows versions of SimCity.

I pre-ordered on Origin. Because of their information, I took a screenshot of the post. If they decide to change their mind, I will have ammo to A get my refund, or B get them to give me the appropriate version.

EA Support told me the boxed hermes outlet version released on 3/5/2013 will support PC and Mac. Is this not true? If I buy the PC version now will I need to buy the Mac version when it comes out??? I only own a Mac but can play it on Windows using bootcamp however I'd rather play Mac and certainly not willing to play twice. Please tell me!

YES... they would be two separate versions.... I would imagine they want to be paid for both. HOWEVER, since you should only have one Origin account they would merge gameplay from onr to the other from you Origin log-in. And NO>>You would not be allowed to login on your Mac and PC at the same time on the same login.

How was that for a concise answer??

No, if you purchase either mac or pc version, you will get access to the other one. A similar question has been answered by a developer on the official forum.

Good point, I have pre-purchased the Digital Deluxe edition and also own several Macs and PCs. I primarily play on a PC but travel with my MacBook Pro Retnia and would love to play on that when I travel or just want to get away from my desk. Hopefully EA will do the same thing as Steam and allow users to use both platforms for the same price. This should be especially true for SimCity since it is an EA/Maxis game! I have been testing the Alpha version of Origin on the Mac and all of my PC games (including SimCity) show up so it would be nice to launch the hybrid versions on either platform.

I own both a PC and a Mac, will I be able to install it on both just like with The Sims?

No beta for mac? I got C2D n 4gb ram on snow leopard(White Macbook). Will it run properly?

EA Support told me the boxed version released on 3/5/2013 will support PC and Mac. Is this not true? If I buy the PC version now will I need to buy the Mac version when it comes out??? I only own a Mac but can play it on Windows using bootcamp however I'd rather play Mac and certainly not willing to play twice. Please tell me!

I have the exact same problem/question! I run games on my Bootcamp and I am willing to purchase SimCity for Windows but then there has to be a certainty that Origin will allow me to download the Mac version for free. I love SimCity and would do anything to get it but purchasing it twice is just TOO MUCH!!! I purchased Guild Wars 2 for PC and then a month later the Mac Beta came out and I was allowed to download it for free if I already purchased the game. So can someone PLEASE clarify that Origin will let us do the same!

is it working in bootcamp for you?

I thought the same question. I have a lot of games from EA like The Sims 2, 3 and Spore and more. These games were all cross platforms You had a copy for the Mac and a copy for Windows based. Please say we don't have to pay twice for the Mac to play too! Now I dont mind paying like $9.99 for a digital download for the Mac version, since I have paid off my Windows based version at GameStop. I just thought it was going to be like all the other past games for both OS.

Ditto with everyone else. Answer the real FAQ. Do we have to purchase the Mac version separately? This will effect many people's pre-orders. I have BootCamp. I want to play March 5th, but not pay for the same game on the Mac side.

The FAQ doesn't answer the main question!!! I make chasehainey my words: I want to play March 5th, but not pay for the same game on the Mac side.

Well one thing is if origin coming to mac in feb just sign out of the pc one and login in on the mac and when simcity comes out log in on the mac one and there probably be a mac version there if want get answer from them though just try tweet to them on twitter see if they answer your question. I don't know any other way to get in contact with them.

Thank you VERY much for not porting the game and instead programming it for a Mac! Thank you so much on this!! Thank you for letting us preorder too so we can get all the nice bells and whistles like PC! And thank you for giving us an update! And Thank you for keeping it cross platform so I can play with my PC friends who plan on getting it.

Thank you!!!

I believe once buy it for windows if you did can register the game into origin once log out on windows and log in origin on mac it should be on there then can download it from there should change it to the mac version i believe. I don't have mac but they have a origin beta in feb 14 i believe people are saying.

Let's say, hypothetically, I pre-ordered the PC Digital Deluxe version. Would that digital download be Mac-friendly when the Mac version releases? Like, Origin for Mac is out and now I can download the Mac version even though I pre-ordered the "PC version".

I believe with the origin mac log in to the account but be log out on pc it should transfer the games for the mac version but i don't believe they answer all questions on here probably have to go there twitter ask them from there or maybe they have support for questions for it?

if i preorder the limited edition physical copy for mac/windows will i still be able to download the newer content as it becomes available

I'm going to add my voice to those above: Will I need to purchase a separate version of the game if I wish to play on my mac?

I have a wretchedly slow internet connection, so I need physical copy. What gives?

I agree! Here in South Africa our internet is SUPER SLOW and most of the time it disconnects... If the game is 16gigs (as mentioned in a specification post) then it is going to take me months to download! Literately! Why not do a cross platform release like with The Sims 3. Then you have both hard copies for when you need to reinstall it on another computer... Really not impressed with this whole "online" thing that origin is adding to the game...

Very excited about the Mac version! Will it take advantage of the Retina display available on newer MacBooks?

I could imagine that you will have an advantage because that display looks AMAZING with anything you put on it! Super jealous!

I already pre ordered the Mac/Win physical from your pre order page, will that order now be void as the Mac version is download only?

They only had pc download and physical they just said on here that they only going have mac a download digital only but don't have it up yet as they don't have origin for mac yet the beta for it comes out in feb

The Alpha version of origin is available now, already installed :)

There seems to be a difference between the US and the GB sites. The GB site was advertising a Win\Mac physical but the US site was only advertising the digital version. Now though the GB site redirects to the US site, displaying the digital versions only. I'm guessing the order I placed will be cancelled as like the blog says, no such product will be released.

ok, i am a little concerned, when i pre ordered the digital deluxe game, it showed mac requirements. this led me to believe i was pre-ordering a mac version of the game. does this mean i only am getting a windows version? i just went to the preoder page again and the mac requirements are still listed. am i going to have to pay again for a mac version? i am really confused

I adhere to the general opinion: It would be amazing if by purchasing the Windows license it would also work on Mac later without having to buy another copy. I will most likely run the game on VMware when it's released for PC on March 5th.

Also, if it comes in Retina flavor, the better... But not as crucial as the above :)

wait so whats the thing i preordered that says Mac/Win Physical ?????

"This isn’t a Mac port, but a full native version that runs on the Mac OS." = Awesome. Had previously been thinking I'd wait a few months for the game to go on sale before spending money on a never-so-great-and-often-slow-and-buggy wrapped version. Native means this game just became a Day 1 must-buy for me.

it says on the preorder page that there is a mac/windows physical?

If you read the Origin for Mac post (the, there's a comment by an Origin developer (EA_ComRaven), where he explains:

"Our goal is to provide users with as many hybrid-platform games (also known as dual-entitlement, where a gamer who buys a game on PC will also receive a Mac version, and vice versa) as possible. Current Origin gamers who sign in to the Mac client will see all their hybrid-platform titles in their My Games library. PC gamers can check to see if any of their titles are hybrid-platform by selecting Mac from the Platform pull-down in the My Games library."

There's also a user who installed Origin Mac Alpha and confirms that he can see all his Sims 3 titles in his games list.

As SimCity will be a "hybrid-platform game" (PC/Mac), I'm guessing that those who have already pre-ordered it will also see their pre-order in their Origin Mac version. The thread suggests anyway that the Mac version will be made available at a later date than the PC (March 5th). Still, that post by EA_ComRaven shows that you won't have to purchase your game twice.

People should chill a bit... Moaners gonna moan!

Thank you for clearing that up! People need to complain about this, I mean it is spending money which we already are strugling to get to purchase the one game... So thank you again for taking time to find the answer, now we want to hear it from the SimCity team at Maxis themselves! Just to confirm from their side as well.

Why no answer to the most important question? --- Do I need to buy the game twice to play on PC and Mac under the same Origin account? I'd like to play on March 5th, at release and then, when the Mac download is activated, be able to play on OSx and keep all my progress. I don't see why there should be any issues as you've gone to server side hosting and really all we're purchasing is the right to play the game - but at the rate at which you people duck and dodge this question I'm guessing you don't have a good answer as to why we can't?

Thanks for the response - please make it public knowledge as I KNOW I'm not the only person with both a PC and a Mac that want to know this answer!

Got the same question as the rest. I really want to play the game as soon as it gets out. But that means I will have to use Bootcamp or Parallels (it doesn't run bad inside Parallels).

But when the Mac version comes out, I would like to install the Mac version and remove the VM layer there. Is there someone from EA/Sim City who can give a definitive answer on this?

Will there be a beta version of the Mac coming out?

I did the beta on my mac with bootcamp. But it looked horrible. Really really horrible. And I have a macbook 13" late 2011. But when I changed the graphics from the absolute minimum to high (or even just with lighting) it was very very slow. I mean the sea looks like a black hole. Come on, I just don't want to play the game that way. So I maybe wanted to buy a computer for this. But the mac-version, can I run it on high performances? That's what I want. I have all the specifications of the mac-version and higher actually. So is it going to look as bad as the windows-version is?

I pre purchased the Deluxe PC version of Simcity. Do i have to purchase the Mac version as well? Can I alternate from PC to Mac on my one account (build same cities on either PC or Mac)

Will the Mac version support "Retina" resolutions?

And when will SimCity for Commodore be released?

Don't forget about the C64 and the Amiga 500.^^


you are able to pre order a Mac/Win physical on the sim city website. What is the difference between this and the download due to come out later?

so does "spring" mean March 5? or some later date?? i think i'm about to cry...

Will SimCity be strictly limited to only Snow Leopard (10.6.x) or will this encompass all version following OS X Snow Leopard, such as Lion (OS X 10.7.x) and Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.x)? Also, since most Macs either operate with the AMD graphics chip set or the NVIDEA graphics chip set, will the AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB on the Mid-2011 iMac/Macbook models be supported graphically as well? I hope all spectrums of graphics chips will be covered as well as operating systems to give everyone the opportunity to play this fantastic-looking game! I look forward to getting my hands on the Mac version of SimCity!

I have Mountain Lion. And of course they going to launch for the latest Mac version. I can surely say, they don't know mediocrity.

When you go to you can pre order the digital version of SimCity Deluxe but it only says for PC. Does this mean it doesnt count towards a mac version. Are Mac digital download preorders going to be separate ? Maxis/EA/Origin isnt very clear about it




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