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The SimCity beta is rapidly approaching and we know many of you have tons of questions. Fortunately, we have the answers. Below you’ll find the FAQ for the SimCity closed beta:

Q: How long does the beta run?
A: The beta is open from Friday January 25 9AM PST to Monday January 28 12:01AM PST.

Q: I want to be part of the beta, what can I do to get in?
A: Beta registrations are currently closed, and we are no longer accepting new applications.

Q: I registered for the beta, when will I receive my code?
A: If you are selected, you will receive an email containing your unique redemption code and instructions on how to participate in the beta. Emails will be sent throughout the day on Friday and into the weekend.

Q: What’s new in this SimCity?
A: SimCity delivers unprecedented depth of simulation with the new GlassBox Engine, where everything is simulated, from up to 100,000 individual Sims in a city, to every Kilowatt of power pulsing through a region of cities. The model-like world and detail of the simulation make this the most responsive and personal SimCity ever. This is also the most expansive city management game yet where multi-city gameplay across regions delivers a larger playing field. Play a single city or up to 16 cities at once each with different specializations, it’s your choice.

Multiplayer is also a first for the series, adding a new dimension to the game, as decisions impact both the city and the region, creating new ways to play by collaborating or competing to earn achievements. Finally, SimCity is a live service that simulates real-time updates and pushes them to players in the form of new challenges. Through this platform, Maxis is also able to provide a continuous stream of new gameplay features and content. Whether you play by yourself, with your friends or the rest of the world, SimCity introduces an infinite world of possibilities.

Q: What’s in the beta?
A: Here’s the answer straight from Lead Producer Kip Katsarelis: The Closed Beta is an important step for us as we approach our launch date for SimCity. We’ve crafted a one hour replayable experience that will let you enjoy the magic of the game and allow us to test critical features. Everyone will go through our “Getting Started Scenario”, which takes you through the basics of how to play the game and gives you a sneak peak at some late game content. After that, you’re free to start your own city and play for one hour. We’ve given you all the tools to build up a medium density city, given access to the Casino Big Business, all of the basic services, loads of public transportation options, and several options on how you can power your city. You can start up as many cities as you like during the 3 Day event. We encourage you to try to build different types of cities, explore the leaderboards and try to beat the Global Challenge! By putting these features through a rigorous test, you’re doing us a huge service. Your feedback will go directly to the Development Team and make an impact on future updates. By playing the game you’ll be testing our online servers, helping ensure a smooth launch.

Q: What languages does the beta support?
A: While the full game will support multiple languages, the beta is English only.

Q: Is there a Mac beta client?
A: No, this beta is exclusively for PC users.

Michael Donahoe, Community Manager
Friday, January 18, 2013 - 15:45
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So can you play the one hor period as many times as you like and upgrade your city (cities) one hour at a time? Or do you only get to play for one hour inbetween the 3 day to 4 period during the beta? If someone responds Thank you so ever much.

What I can understand from the blog is that you get to play as many times as you want in the 3 days BUT each city only lives for one hour before its destroyed.

Joguei muito sim city 3000 e 4! No aguardo do 5!

I played very city 3000 and yes 4! Wait for the 5!

I would be happy to test the beta for the new Simcity, I have been playing Simcity since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I'm sure I can offer some valuable insights into the game for you, even with 1 hour. I have pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition of the game already, and anxiously await the release of the full version.

I played all SimCity games from the original SimCity (SimCity Classic) to SimCity Jr. (or SimTown) and mor (SimCity 2000, 3000, 4...). So I want to test this game!! :D hour

lol...a troll

gimmie dat beta Maxis and EA! lol

I totally agree. When I start playing sim3000Unlimited or Sim 4 there is NO WAY I stop at 1 hour. but Still, just being able to play SimCity would be fun! I just love the ability to actually create a city that sims "flock" to. Am DEFINATLY buying the game as soon as possible!

The depth of customisations to this city sim is going to be fun exploring just by itself! (Are disasters going to be available during the beta? - seems likely if you're going to do a stress test.)

Heh heh a whole region suddenly struck by tornado's meteors, aliens and rampaging giant lizards! Will the aliens abduct the giant lizards, get blown off course by a tornado and crash land in the middle of a hole already created by a comet strike to then be covered over by a volcano to really confuse the archeologists digging for coal later?

Oooo. Ive signed up like 25 times since until closed beta is back and just signed up again in case. Looking forward this beta game on Jan 25th.

I like the idea of only one hour per city. I don't want to spoil all the fun of release and this really makes you want to try different types of cities and not just focusing all your energy on one city for 3 days... Though increasing it to mabey 2 hours would give you more time to develop the city and there by able to report more back to maxis :)
Looking in my inboks eagerly for an invite :)

So excited! :)

you SIMCITY, should choose me, ive never EVER been in a beta and i know many people that have, and i have tons of friends stickin with Company Of Heros 2, but thats not me, im a DIE HARD simcity fan, but im afraid to buy this game, and my friends say if i get accepted and think is good, theyll CANCEL PRE ORDER TO COMPANY OF HEROS 2, JUST FOR YOU!!!! PLZ SIMCITY ACCEPT ME :(

Wow EA. If you're going to do a DEMO, call it a DEMO. This isn't a beta. Betas don't last for only two days. This is a marketing gimmick and nothing more.

It's not a DEMO since it has not been tested yet. A demo is a preview of a game you can already buy. This is a BETA so.

I can see a Beta being done for two days if it's a stress test for servers performance, information exchange bottlenecks and server processing load. Remember, he said that there were going to be regional challenges, this is something not done in a lot of online games, each INDIVIDUAL can have up to 16 cities running at the same time, you multiply that by a million customers, you've got 16 million cities to process every three minutes. So, yeah, I can see it.

It's a teaser. :)

can't wait! Looking forward to playing simcity, will be glad to help suss it out in a beta!

That's very useful, thank you for posting this. The biggest question of the beta has been answered, which was whether or not it was a one-time, one-hour play through or if we would be able to start another city after our first hour is up.

I'm really, really looking forward to the chance to play. Here's hoping. :-)

"You can start up as many cities as you like during the 3 Day event."

I signed up for this beta at least 5 times. ONLY 6 MORE DAYS!!!! I can't wait :D

The videos I've seen make it look like it could be fun... And very different from my common fare. So I'm very interested!

knowing what i know from the previous simcities, u cant get very far in just an hour. takes about an hour just to get a basic town with 2000-5000 population going. Regardless I hope im selected for the beta! im really looking forward to seeing the new simcity in action. I plan on buying the game the same day it is released. I am more excited for this game than any other game release before. Simcity has always been an alltime favorite game. spent countless hours in simcity, simcity2000, 3000, and simcity4. (with rush hour expansion :) ...The only one i did NOT like was Simcity Societies. that was EXTREMELY disappointing. Then when Cities XL came around i was not too fond of that neither, jut didnt have the same Fun Factor as Simcity 4 did. So i know that the newest Simcity will be the best by far. I cant WAIT til i start building KenCity again.

finally i was waiting for so long XD


Isn't this a little bit short? It would take me 3 hours to even get the foundation of a good city in Sim City 4. Also, my favorite part of the previous Sim Cities was being able to build up skyscrapers, why cant we do that? "We’ve given you all the tools to build up a medium density city." But otherwise I'm super excited!

Isn't this a little bit short? It would take me 3 hours to even get the foundation of a good city in Sim City 4. Also, my favorite part of the previous Sim Cities was being able to build up skyscrapers, why cant we do that? "We’ve given you all the tools to build up a medium density city." But otherwise I'm super excited!

I so want to play this game

I am the city of loyal fans, I really hope you will accept my application.

-- faithful game player from China

This is the first time to play this game!

I'm soooo excited, hope I get selected! Fingers crossed over here ;)

let me in, please. I have been beta testing C&C:TA for over a year now.

I know the managers and creators of Beta SimCity will choose wisely for the mayors who will be the most important for this most precious development based on game play. I wish to be part of this developmental cause so that it will make a smooth transition into the stores on March 5th, so the managers and creators can see or hear any problems that may occur. I will be purely educational and fun for me to be a Beta tester. So I hope to be part of the excitement. Please choose wisely for the mayors, have fun everyone whom is chosen. This game is very important to me. I love SimCity games. Have fun by being part of the game play. You've earned it if you are chosen. I understand if the game needs to be pushed further in the date. At least the game play with be flawless when the game comes out. I can hardly wait to play this game as a Beta tester or player when it comes out hopefully on March 5th... :)

amigos da ea, o brazil é o segundo país do mundo a consumir jogos, porque a maioria dos jogos da ea não estão em portugues? sabia que esta havendo um movimento entre os gamers do brasil para coincentizar todos os games brasileiros a um boicote comercial com tais empresas??? !!!

Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't a beta suppose to be all about getting people to play the game with the purpose of finding bugs and such? If so, i find it strange that they are going to do a one hour limit per gaming session. especially for a game like simcity where, in my opinion, one can take at least half that time trying to get a proper foot hold to start. Because of this, the devs won't get anywhere near the amount of feedback they need since the beta testers won't really be able to put the game through it's paces. Then said beta is being launched so close to actual release which means that even if you found major bugs, chances are, they wouldn't be able to do anything about them unless they push the release date back. This won't be a beta, it would simply be a demo. Regardless, i'll be looking forward to the chance of trying the game out.

I can't wait to try out the beta.. I'm really not sure why people are so damn whiny about this one. Looks pretty damn good and hence the Sim City title, its the first game in hopefully a series of improvements.

great! can't wait!!!

When they said 25-28th I imagined that to be inclusive. Does it really only last 1 minute on the 28th? Sometime I wonder what is going in Maxis' heads (I'd include EA along with Maxis, but I know they don't have anything going on in their heads)


I have booked the entire Beta period off ... So I guess that means I will play that one hour over and over about 72 times. Hopefully, I will be able to do pretty surprizing things by the end ... kind of like Groundhog Day!

I am really excited for this game. If I get in ill be so happy.

Wait so... you can only have 100,000 people!? That is retarded I can't seem to understand how they call this game realistic when they won't even let you build the population up past 100,000.

One hour per city and three days of beta?
Usually, betas are to let a mass of users find bugs the QA team missed, what kind of bugs can we find if we can't actually play cities for a while?

Sounds like a pretty shitty beta.

Betas are for letting a mass of users find bugs that the QA team missed. Extra eyes to find problems as it were.

How the is a 3 day beta where we only get to play 1 hour at a time supposed to let us find any bugs? All we'll be testing is brand new cities; I would be willing to bet it's the older cities that will have bugs pop up, since there's more stuff interacting.

One hour per city and three days of beta?
Usually, betas are to let a mass of users find bugs the QA team missed, what kind of bugs can we find if we can't actually play cities for a while? I still going to be able to play using the facebook app?

Wait so can we do multiplayer in the beta with friends that get it.

Which languages ​​will the SimCity? Has the language Portuguese-Brazil?




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