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Just please dont do a SCS on us! otherwise TAKE MY DANG MONEY!!!!!!

tank you

They should make something like a $10.00 demo of the game before 2012 is over, so that people can write what they think should be changed or added.

They have its called "BETA"

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I hope buildings can grow and develop over time. If everything is simply a "ploppable" I'll be pretty upset.


Also much agreed

Yea, I can't agree more.

It would be cool if they could include drivable cars, ships, and planes like what was in the previous simcity 4. You could use them for trade and do missions such as flying passengers to other regions or for delivering cargo from ships and planes which could give your city a lot of money and rewards. Also, what if you were able to walk around your city through the eyes of a sim? Think about it...

It would be a great thing to do to pass time while waiting for your city to grow too.

it is still in proges of malling

Looks fantastic. I spend far too much time on SimCity, but it's definitely time well spent ha ha.

Keep up the great work,
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Without exception, the thing I LOVED prior SimCities for and HATED SCS for was with respect to wondering what would "grow" in a region. I LOVED SC for only "marking" off an area and attending to the needs and watching the animation of things building and especially, maturing into more and more and more, over time (The slow, building animations were cool - sure and hoping for even more details/time taking this time around). I HATED SCS for the very fact you plopped stuff in.

PLEASE someone say this is NOT going to be a "plopper" =P

All buildings based on what I have seen are built or "plopped" into the area however you can upgrade your buildings and as stated they are plopped or built like a skyscraper extension is built vs a town hall extension which is plopped

I have played and loved the simcity video games for years now, and i hoe that this simcity is the successor to SC4 and all others behind that. Also to what i have JUST seen now, I am happy to say it is NOT a plopper.

Well by the look at the comments Maxis hears us bitch since SCS. It looks like they've fixed it..
Cross your fingers, it looks like we're getting another actual SIM


Don't worry, I checked and asked, There will be Zones and Ploppables ( Zones develop over time/Ploppables Stay the same)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take my $$$ EA TAKE IT ALL

Shut up and take my money!

Looks good... But what is at the core of this game?

I hope there is the zoning feature in this game, like there was in the older editions. I like being able to zone an area and actually watch it grow from nothing, into a thriving area.

**I dislike the attempt in later additions to reduce features to just "plopping" a office building, home, and so forth. That takes the fun out of watching it grow, and change. In other words boring, dumbed down features akin to SimCity Societies!!

Have these graphics, with the feel of SimCity 3000 at the heart of game play. With multiplayer as an option, not a forced feature.

Now it comes to the spyware/malware known as SecuRom... I will not pay my hard earned money money, if this game has it built into the DVD or Digital versions.

If it is on Steam, with-out SecuRom, or anyother version of the spyware/malware, I may buy from Steam.

Definitely not from Origin, it has that crapware imbedded into all Digital downloads.

Finally? I wished for it and dreamt of it for YEARS not. A TRUE successor to Sim City 4.
Dang, in the last 15 years i played them all, almost all Sim Cities ever made. Execept for Societies, Creator (Wii, DS) and the versions for mobile devices as they were...

Well let's look ahead. I like what i see. And i hope my desire to a true sucessor to Sim City 4 and Sim City 3000 will be finally over next year. As many user statet before: Yes, please keep it real. Keep it SIM City. Not Casual City. If you know what i mean.

And finally, after years. Curvey roads. Waited for this since Sim City 3000. :)


Maybe REAL DLC this time?

So this didn't seem to work at all for CitiesXL the on-line thing and you think that it will for you? Well let's at least hope that the single player version (there better be a single player version as CitiesXL found out) is still a SimCity Title that while being new (curvable roads anyone).

I hope there is more of a variety in disasters (tsunami, hurricane, nuclear disaster, earthquake, tornado, ect) as well. I do miss the warning siren from SimCity 300 too.

That was the best part of the game!

Submitted by TheRage500 Submitted on Tue, 03/06/2012 - 19:16
Just please dont do a SCS on us! otherwise TAKE MY DANG MONEY!!!!!! "plzz DO NOT DO THE DRAG A DROP SIT LIKE city XL.... i have been playing all the SIMCITY. win it was released in 1989. I am pleas to say that I own all of maxis simcity! if you do the drag and drop like every other City-building game it will be a BIG disappointment to me, and other simcity players"! i have allwas loved simcity, simcity2000, simcity3000 and yes simcity4. SimCity Societies, WAS NOT ON MY LIST! Place do not make the same mistake twins.

Pls, allow us to install and play in the language we want to ! Do not constrain us to our home language only ! =) I'm eagerly waiting for this version of SimCity ;)

I Agree. Make that we can choose any language we want from the Options Menu and not reinstall the game for it.

Dear 4 star General

I agree with a lot of previous posters, and I feel the following aspects of the game are critical.

This isn't angry birds, get your target audience right. Simcity players are older, financial more secure, intellectual and to a large extent introverts who see the game as calming retreat, in a world that is already way too online.

See point 1. To think Simcity 4 was complicated is nothing short of an insult. Just look at the User created Content for that game. Art content AND Game content. If you gave us Wheat in Simcity 4, we have made sliced bread out of it. Yes you want to attract a younger audience, and young people love a challenge. Treating them like incapable sheep is the biggest threat to western society today.

3. Continue with the Miniature world graphics theme.
Don't get too realistic with the graphics. It is one of the most lovable quirks of the game. The original texture packs are quite good. Improve upon it, but dont go all realistic.

I saw that bearded developer salivate over Computing power. That usually comes before a resource hog / crash prone game. Prompt the player every half hour for an autosave. Sometimes players get so into their cities, we end up loosing a lot of hard work.

We love you, and we will buy this game no matter what. The reason being MAXIS. So go ahead and break all of my rules, I wont hate you. Just take a good hard look at Societies and Cities XL. Both games were failures. Don't become another one.


Frontline Infantry

Please don't forget toll roads or any other feature from sim city 4 if possible in this version either. That was like the most favorite feature I loved when playing sim city 4 the ability to place toll roads. Nothing has ever cam close to sim city 4 rushhour. I can't wait thanks for this announcement. And hopefully you can make it so when you build roads you can do roads on top of roads on top of roads if you want like alot of cities in Texas do bridges and criss crossing roads is my second favorite thing to do with the cities any ways love the video I am sure you will blow all competitors out of the water again if only i could be there to see it in action awsome

According to everything Maxis has said so far, it looks like we will have:
A Fully-Simulated World
Sims That React Realistically
Only 'Ploppable' Government Structures, Water Tower, Power Plant, etc.
'SimCity', NOT 'SimCity 5'

According to everything Maxis has said so far, it looks like we will have:
A Fully-Simulated World
Sims That React Realistically
Government Structures Only 'Ploppable' , Water Tower, Power Plant, etc.
'SimCity', NOT 'SimCity 5'

According to everything Maxis has said so far, it looks like we will have:
A Fully-Simulated World
Sims That React Realistically
Government Structures Only 'Ploppable' , Water Tower, Power Plant, etc.
'SimCity', NOT 'SimCity 5'
Curvy Roads
A Fully 3D World

NOOOO!!! Please allow the buildings to build and grow like in SC4 - not another SCS please!!! T_T

In the video I saw all the buildings being plopped on... e.g. SimCorp. I hope it's like SC4 where things can grow...

I know it looks that way, but trust me - watch the GlassBox video.

If you'll notice, only the 2HQs and 2 recreation buildings were plopped, when everything else grew from zones :)

"Dropping buildings" no no no NO NO!! Why! NO!! I really REALLY hope you made a mistake there or something. If this is a true simulation game, buildings will grow ON THEIR OWN not because I dropped them in there!!!!

then how do you sugest we get a power plant or a water treatment center, or any other main buildings just be happy there finally making another one.

Ummm, I was looking at the system requirements and didn't see the Mac stats. I'm sure thats a mistake and there will be a mac version released. Right?

Having to be always logged into Origin looks to be the only down side to this game everything else looks great so far.

Buildings and cities must be able to evolve over time, otherwise this looks great. If buildings do not evolve I will be very disappointed.

I gladly donated to the cause!

i think its very boring

Well Pinkadilly ... maybe you should stick to playing with your Barbie dolls. Leave city building to people with vision and imagination.




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