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Hi. I’m Meghan McDowell and I’m the Producer for the Single-Player Mode for SimCity that enables Offline Play. Starting today Offline Play is available for all PC and Mac SimCity players worldwide. If you want more info on how we got here make sure you check out Simon’s Engineering Offline Blog where he talks about the 6 ½ month journey from conception to completion. I’m here to tell you more about how it all works.

Above is a screenshot of the new Main Menu for the game. Here you see two options, "Single-Player" and "Multiplayer". You will be able to switch back and forth between them so that you can still enjoy the benefits of the Online game (Multiplayer) or unplug and fly solo in Single-Player. Once you’ve put your game into Single-Player Mode, you won’t have to go Online again if you don’t want to. You can launch the game straight from your launcher, without an internet connection.

You’re already familiar with what Multiplayer entails, it’s the game that you’re currently playing today and all of that will remain unchanged. Let’s talk about the new Single-Player Mode.

It was our goal to make the Single-Player experience feel just as expansive and engaging as the Multiplayer mode. That meant that the core fundamentals of the game needed to remain intact: multi-city play, Regional interdependence, and city specializations. Every Region, building and core gameplay concept remains intact. When you lay down a road, when the Sims move in – this will all look and feel the same whether you play Online or Offline.

You can manage as many cities as you’d like within a Region and because they are stored locally, you have more options on how you decide to Save and Reload them. The new “Save As” option allows you to create multiple versions of your Regions and now you can turn off AutoSave completely so that you have full control over the save states of your Regions. This opens up more options for you to prod, tinker, and most importantly, destroy all of your little creations. I know that I can’t help but get a kick out of unleashing a giant lizard attack on my unsuspecting Sims without the fear of losing my progress.

It’s important to us that you retain control of the game you purchased and all the content associated with it. All of your previously downloaded content will be available for you to use in both Modes. This includes any of the Regions we’ve given away throughout the past year and any DLC you own.

So, what’s different in Single-Player Mode?

Players who choose to play Single-Player Mode will not have access to Online-only features such as Multiplayer, SimCity World, Leaderboards, Achievements, dynamic pricing of resources in the Global Market and Cloud Saves. I also want to point out that saved Regions cannot be transferred between Modes. This means that if you play a Region in Single-Player Mode, you will not be able to play it in Multiplayer. We want to keep the competitive aspects of the Online game intact.

Offline Play opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our Modders. They’ll now be able to Mod components of the game without harming the integrity of the Online game. It’s more than just buildings and palette swaps, they’ll be able to dig into the UI, modify the simulation and more. Yes we’ve mentioned Oppie’s Train Station in the past, but check out Guillaume’s fun UI Mods over at Simtropolis. Maxis has a long history of supporting Mods and we continue to be Mod friendly to this day. Take a look at our past if you want an idea of how we intend to manage our community of Modders for this SimCity.

To see more about how Offline works make sure to check out our new walkthrough video. Let us know if we can answer any additional questions for you. We’ve set-up this Forum thread specifically for Offline Play. It currently houses our FAQ which outlines some of your most common questions.


Meghan McDowell, Producer
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 06:45
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Thank you.

Thank you, EA finally came through.

No they just did not want to pay server space anymore on there cash cow. And pretending it was an idea they came up with, when it should of been there from the start.

Thanks, no more annoying bugs :D

+ Why wont you add some more space into building city ?

modders will eventually make those spaces for offline once they figure out how to, this not something the company has to be concerned with anymore unless to explained on their multiplayer platform that they have already told us many times they can not do. Mainly because not everyone is working off a high operating computer system, so it would just bog everyone down.

Sim-city is not relevant anymore and most moders have moved on. Thanks EA :)

Why are we still limited to only 10 regions with offline mode? That one of the most annoying things I have with this game.

You can have more than 10 single player saves. As you create more you will notice this screen expands. Multiplayer is still limited to 10 regions.

The problem I have is this. 6 of 10 of my regions pre update 10 where single player private regions where I played by my self. Now why can I not move those regions to offline mode and save them locally? Then Delete them from multiplayer where I can have only online multiplayer games?

I do not want to start over from regions I been playing as single player before today that I been playing for over a year. Maxis really needs to allow use to save and move previous private games offline in a future update. This way it would also benfit them and there sever space.

Obleo, I think its just your Game, some of ours works totally fine.

Can we us the new offline cities for challenges?

Nope, can't.

Thanks a bunch

Now finally !!

it does not work for Orgin must be online to start the Sim City
how is it launched offline ????

Origin has a "Go Offline" option in the Origin menu. So you have to start Origin online the first time, then choose "Go Offline", and then you can start the game offline.

it can not start Orgin offline for that you have to sign in when Orgin starts!

Yes, you sign-in the first time online, then you choose go offline, and then after that when you start it you can sign-in even when disconnected from the Internet.

In my opinion, this was an oversight. I shouldn't have to login online in order to go offline in order to play offline. BTW - I tried it - and it still prompts me to login when offline. Not truly offline gameplay at all. BOTCHED!

There may be some difficulty for your launcher, mine works very fine.

Same fucking thing|! i don't see any difference at all lol, i think we got duped. the game tries to go in the city then it says game can't connect and it asks me to either quit or play solo, I select solo and the game keeps crashing. EA, fix your game please for fuck sake, preventing us from doing stuff we enjoy won't make this game popular!

Dude, blame your PC/Mac, not EA, its just your Launcher, mine works very fine Offline and Online, just the new UI or HUD that isn't there but I don't care, just so I can play Offline and Online.

How about making the city bigger, their just to small!

They can't, SimCity 4 has the ability to do that

I don't see why we can't earn achievements in the single player. If we put in the time and effort to get these things what difference does it make that we weren't surrounded by other people's cities?

I tried single player Mode still says it Cant connect to server? i can play online though because i still have internet connection?

If you "Go Offline" with Origin before launching the game, that should do it.

thank you so much :) that cleared up alot for me :)

still says cannot connect to sim city servers :(

So, after all of this time, and after telling us it was impossible... After a modder did it a few days after release, and after you made us wait a year, you give us offline mode, and expect us to be satisfied?

This should have been included with the game from the start. But it wasn't... Because of your "vision". The ONE thing that could save this game is bigger maps. Simple as that... Not offline mode, not a useless modding kit... BIGGER-EFFING-MAPS!

Bigger maps being another thing you have said is impossible to do because it would put too much strain on our PC's. How about you let US worry about the strain on our PC's, and you worry about making a game that lives up to the franchise you are milking it from. You've ruined SimCity for me, and a lot of other people, with your "vision".

Stop having "visions" and listen to the fans for once!

The mod that was created shortly after release was broken; people always bring it up like "if a modder could do it, what took you so long?", but the game was built around region play. If those aspects don't work, then the game is broken, particularly given the city size.

They can't release an official update that simply won't work for a large portion of their customers. It's rather cavalier to say "let me worry about my system requirements"; all the official features in the game have to apply to everyone.

If they could get the inter-connectedness of the cities in a region to work more smoothly, and maps were developed that put each plot closer to each other, I think it could be an improvement and allow a sort of mega-city that you just load one section at time to manage performance. It's not ideal, but it seems something that could be done with this game as-is, whether officially or through mods.

The point is, a modder did it in a few days, by himself. Broken or not, it was done very quickly by one person... EA has an entire team to work on it. The game is STILL broken as far as I know. (I haven't played it since week 2 of server issues.)

It wouldn't be all that difficult to make larger maps an optional update. Even if they were a part of a mandatory update, it's just common sense to not use a feature that doesn't work for your PC. Just as simple as not using the larger maps. Also, they have released an entire game that didn't work for 99% of their customers. They obviously have no issues with releasing things that don't work.

I'm sure something like that WOULD be an improvement, but it boils down to the fact that it's STILL not what we want. We want SC4 with improved graphics and added features... What we GOT was EA's "vision"... Which, sadly, didn't involve the fans input, as usual.

EA needs to suck it up and take into consideration what their customers want. Maxis fans are not like the drones that flock to the same sports game with a new year on it every year. We want to be included in the process to be sure we get a product that we actually want to play. But that's not how it works with EA. With them, it works pretty much along the lines of: "You asked for a new SimCity, so we gave you something else!" and "You bought it, tough shit!"

Is it really THAT hard to ask fans what they want, weed out the best options and add them to a game? The graphics in the game are stellar, but the game is only fun for a few hours until you run out of space and can no longer build. It's a game about building a city... Yet, after a few hours, you can no longer build a city. You can't even manage it as much as you could in SC4... Bigger maps would add hours of gameplay. I can't see an actual problem with some people not being able to run the larger maps. No one could play the GAME when they released it, and it's still full of bugs... Why would it matter that someone with a shitty computer can't run a larger map? It wouldn't.

The problem is since EA published the game, they get to push around Maxis telling them to do what THEY want, not letting Maxis do what they want, and Maxis can't fight back because then, they (Maxis) don't get their 0.5% cut of the profit. So technically, EA developed the game, not Maxis, so it was the cocksuckers at EA that choose to turn Sim City into Sim Shitty. If Maxis self-published the game, not only would they have gotten all the profit they made, and the game would have been infinite times better and the customers would have been infinite times happier, and they (the customers) didn't fell like they got ripped off. Maxis is an amazing, and I truly mean that. They created Sim City and The Sims, some of my favorite games. Their amazing games made me think, smile, laugh,and were unbelievably addicting . And to see that they are letting EA push them around, shit all over their games, and just plain ruin it sickens me at heart. That's why Maxis should tell EA to kiss their asses and become an independent company and self-publish their games, because they will make a lot more money through selling a lot more copies of their amazing video games. Don't let EA take a shit on you Maxis, your better than that, be independent, go down your own road, make your own games.

Why are you guys so negative? He didn't ruin the game, and I prefer not to have Bigger city borders, you heard him, I don't want to have trouble with those strains, your PC/Mac/Luancher is having problems, its not EA/Maxis's fault, blame your stuff, not theirs, and post the problems on their FAQ not the comments.

Everyone is sayingt it's not EAs fault about the small cities and such, but many have the right idea. Trolls aside (and I see a lot of EA trolls here), EA COULD have given us larger cities. As well as original single player mode. But EA is the most freaking arrogant bunch of money grubbers on the planet. Yeh, I feel sorry for the folks with the older machines.. I try to upgrade mine as often as possible but they STILL could have given larger cities in the same way as they did with all the previous versions.. All ow larger cities as an option. Have many different sized plots to put cities on as in SC4. If someone is dumb enough to try and load a megacity on a cheapo obsolete system, then it's their own fault. Don't make the rest of us suffer because some folks are too cheap to keep their system up to date. I have not even bought the game yet. I played it over at a friend's place and honsestly it sucked. And his system is almost top of th line. It's still buggy as hell, small cities, and it's basically a giant step backwards in gameplay, other than some improveds graphics. EA seems to think they can sell sand to a man stranded in a desert. I will not be buying this loser even though Origin has it for $19.99 right now for the deluxe version. It's just not worth it. They are the same with their Sims franchise. I am no longer going to waste money on a game that A: doesn't work right, and B: is highly overpriced. EA support is absolutely useless, yet people seem to put up with their crap software. I am tired of having to reinstall a game and a bunch of add ons every time they update it and the patch breaks the game, destroying hours of gameplay. Basically EA sucks and anyone who says otherwise is either a Troll or a complete idiot... They sell broken crap games for an arm and a leg, and don't give a F^%$ about the customer after they have their money...

Even though the game is now offline, it still requires login to origin! Part of the reason I wanted offline mode was the fact I hate waiting for origin to open. Starting Origin offline takes even longer than starting it online. The only reason I log into origin is for downloading my games, and Multiplayer. I paid $60 for this game, and I should have the option to run SimCity without logging into origin, even if its offline!

Yes!!! Mods are going to make the possibilities for the game endless. I was worried about it at first because part of the rules for modding was not ruining the integrity of the online game, but because of single-player now the mods will not do that!!
Simply can not wait for bigger and better mods and now stuff that the community wants i.e bigger maps will be achievable via the modding community, give it a few months and hopefully there will be lots and lots of content available, I have seen about 70 so far, so fingers crossed single-player will encourage more modding =D.

No Achievements in offline? That's sucky

It only took a year to get a feature that should have been implemented from the beginning, Hey maybe in 2 years we will have bigger maps.

Sorry Maxis, My Sympathy for this game has dried up, and the only reason I was even aware that there was a offline patch was because of fail blog.

And a quick Google search shows that I am not alone. Most Forums/blogs/sites (Excluding the hard core fan base on this website) show that the community is done with SimCity 2013. I would even say at this point, even a major update that added bigger maps would not satisfy the community. They will probably release more DLCs before they kill off this game, But to the majority of the gaming community its already dead.

At this point I would say the best bet would be to really consider releasing a new SimCity game. Even then though, the SimCity name is already ruined. I do not imagine anything EA or Maxis says would help sales of another SimCity game (Or anymore DLCs for that matter).

Cloud gaming is dead, Microsoft and EA have proven this for us, Maybe now major gaming companies will now actually work on good games, not stupid DRM Crap that they add to games with the flimsy cover of "Pirate Prevention".

BTW, good luck with the Worst company in America contest this year EA.

I've been playing Sim City for like 20 years (maybe longer). I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt, you tried something... it worked, but not well enough. For me personally I like being able to play offline for the simple fact I travel to some family members houses who do not have internet and the area is so remote you can not jack a neighbours wi fi connection because it doesn't exist. I still will play online, but like to have the option to play offline as well.


Juhu, now I'm going to buy this game. See, that wasn't too hard, was it?

its not working when i click play it tells me that SimCity not connected to the internet and it pops up a window saying go to Single-Player but my game is allready in Single-Player so why is it doing this

First take Origin offline (which means you have to be online the very first time), and then launch SimCity. From that point on it shouldn't complain about servers. But if Origin is online, the game expects to be able to connect.

Cant wait until they release the game, looks like thier almost finished with the beta!

I think this update would be useless... no one wants to play in a isolated box offline? its the same like starting a private region.
EA/ Maxis, you would make us more happier if you bring us some more maps and contents!! just like the last update :D

join Europe west 1

The problem is money. EA loves money. So they dont want to spend a lot of money. It took them 3 months for a simple offline mode (private persons did this in 2 hours). I think after the game was released they fired all the programmer ( EA-Style) and then they said to one make an offline mode. You dont wanna know how long they would need for bigger maps... And if the come it would be the DLC "BigBall3000" for just only 3000 Dollar. I didnt really care about a stupid offline mode, what I wanted were 20 x bigger maps. So I say you are right.

Dude, they were TESTING it so we don't see those problems they encounter on their Testing

i went "offline mode" on Origin...but the game still says "can't connect to server"...what's the deal with that?

Global Market and Real Population Mods cause this problem. Removing them solved my problem.

Wow! Awesome! Thank you for addressing the number 1 complaint with SimCity. Now, let's fix number 2: city sizes. There are sliders to control practically every performance related option in the game like graphics details and resolution. So, why not make a slider for city size (at least in offline mode)? Let the player decide if their computer can handle it or not!
If you do that, I will finally buy SimCity (again)!




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