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Welcome to SimCity, Mac Mayors. I’m Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis and I wanted to thank you for patiently waiting to play SimCity. We’ve been working hard since we launched SimCity on the PC, so I also wanted to tell you about all the things we’ve added in the past few months. Before I do that, let’s talk a little bit about the Mac version.

First off, when you purchase SimCity, you gain access to both the PC and Mac versions. And if you already own SimCity for PC, you will find that the Mac version is automatically accessible through Origin. SimCity for Mac is digital-only release. There is no separate disk version at this time. Both the PC and Mac version share the same servers, so you can play with your friends no matter what platform they are on. This also means that both versions will receive the game updates simultaneously.

Now let’s talk about some of the improvements and additions we’ve made to SimCity in the past few months. In total, we’ve released seven major updates with a variety of fixes and improvements. If you’d like to learn more, you can read all the notes here. Here are some of the highlights from these updates:

  • New Region Maps Edgewater Bay/Granite Lake: In Update 4, we released our first free region map, Edgewater Bay. This map is unique as it contains seven city sites in one cluster surrounded by a beautiful bay with one Great Work site in the center. It also contains a lot of flat land, in case you want to build a bustling casino city or a tourist haven. In Update 6, we released our second free region map, Granite Lake, containing two clusters of cities connected by a large lake and many, many mountains. If you like a challenge, this is the region for you.
  • SimCity Launch Park: This park was also released with Update 4 and is dedicated to our early adopters, like you.
  • New Hotels: With Update 3, we added 24 new hotel buildings to give cities more variety.
  • Improved Region Wall Chat: Update 5 improved the region wall chat with a new look and functionality. Chat now functions more efficiently. Time stamps show on chat messages on rollover. Regional events are easier to read and can be toggled on and off.
  • RCI Building Variations: To add even more variety to your cities, we added 84 height and color variations to the residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

We also recently released Update 7, which focused on traffic improvements. Along with that it also added:

  • Raise/Lower Road Tool: This tool allows you to raise and lower roads, giving you the option to build both bridges and tunnels in your city to not only give you new ways to design your city, but also give you more options to control your traffic.
  • Houses of Worship Set: The free Houses of Worship set includes 4 brand new buildings that increase the happiness of your Sims. In addition to the righteous emotional boost, the House of Worship buildings are free to place and do not require any maintenance (though you are limited to four buildings in a city). The House of Worship buildings are also available to all wealth levels, so anyone can visit.

As you can see, now is a good time to start building. Look forward to seeing your cities!

Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis
Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 08:00
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Great!!! I waited for months, thanks EA!

has the mac version been released?!?!

Yes it has!

OK how do i download it??? all i see is to buy the PC version, i dont see anywhere where you click to buy the Mac version,

Purchasing the PC version will automatically give you access to the Mac version!

what if you already purchased it on the PC? On my mac i can only buy it again :(

I also have already purchased the DVD for PC and can't run it on my Mac. Any instructions on how to make it work?

In your Origin client, go to Origin tab and there should be an option to redeem you DVD key, you should have you MAC digital download available afterwards.

Thank you, FallenHero98!

Still I can't download the game?

Download the Origin client. Once it is installed and you have logged in: click on your Origin ID at the top-right-hand corner, click on "Edit My Profile", then finally click on the "Redeem Product Code" button.

Hello! I've bought a SimCity4 Digital Deluxe Edition. I just received a confirmation of an order from 1,5 hours ago but I still can not download the product. Money was successfully charged from credit card. What shall i do?

Still I can't download the game?

When do the f---- game come for download on origin? have no more patient for this waiting s-----// :(

where and when to download the game?

I am in Hong Kong, and no download yet either

EVERYONE: You can download and pre load the same now. At 10am Pacific time, the game will come online to play live. You download through Also, you buy the PC and Mac version at the same time. When you buy the PC version, you get automatic access to the Mac version.

The game is still not available for download :(

Time to play simcity guys!!


Im confused are the PC/Mac all in one bundle or can you purchase simcity for the mac confused when i go to buy it it is PC/Mac but then it says only available for pre order on mac??? sooooo yeahhh

Purchasing the PC version will also give you the Mac version. So it doesn't matter which version you buy. :)

I downloaded origin but it still doesn't have SimCity on it

I download simcity but I am not able to install it. I pressed install button but nothing happened.

same problem here too! worst spent 80euro ever!

I have also installed it but the install button just comes back again ....

I have the same Problem!!!!!

I have the same problem! What the f… Maxis? Come on!

I want my money back!!!!

I have the same problem....

Hey there! We're currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, try re-installing Origin to see if that helps. You can also post about your issue in our Answer HQ forums:

You suggest re-installing... can you advise how?

Try re-installing SimCity and see if that works. Thanks!

Sorry if I am being stupid, but how do I un-install it so that I can re-install it? I do not see an option in the origin menu and there is no sim city application in my applications menu?

I purchased and preloaded. It is 1:31pm August 29th It has been a 1/2. The start-up just hung. So, I cold booted. It is still just "waiting". How long before you will answer my trouble ticket?

Please try uninstalling SimCity through Origin and then re-downloading it.

Waited so long, I can't even play it because it's too laggy on my Mac! Even with all the settings on low I'm not able to play it, damn goodbye 65,- euro.

You already charged me the 60 euros!!! Where is my game!!??? Maybe I should make you wait 2 months for your money, you should of known better if this was the release date!!!!

Does it work on OSX 10.9??

Does it work on OSX 10.9??

IMAGINE A WORLD where EA / Maxis comes through! Well its not this one. First, the game won't even open anymore: opened at 13:02 ET and played slowly for a bit. Restarted computer and now it can't even open. I imagine it has to do with server issues which realistically should be expected given the history with this game. Shouldn't happen, but will. RUBBISH skank of a company.

Performance was ... marginal at best. I'm running a brand new MBP 10.8.4 on full settings and it was like using a ::gasp:: dial up connection. Turned the settings down, and acceptable although not pretty performance.

Yeah.. So... Can we talk about this: ?

I can't load the game!

"Not released yet" in Ukraine! Great work Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis!

So disappointing.... I waited patiently for the Mac version and did not put a single bad word out into the webisphere but omg.... wtf is this about?

why do i have to purchase it again?

Yay, it's even buggier than it was on PC when it first released. This is absolute garbage and probably the biggest scam of the year.

i just download the game but it doesn't function on my mac, because i don't have OS X 10.7.5
Waited for 3 months and now it not functions:(

seem problem :(

If you own SimCity for the PC, you get FREE access to the Mac version.

Install the Origin app on your Mac...login to your Origin account...and click on "My Games." Find SimCity in your game list, download and play!

Anyone from Europe can download mac version?




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